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3000 colors

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3000 colors

Searching for a place to determine number of particular '65 3000 MKIII's built by color. My heritage certificate shows mine built as Ivory White and Black but according to all info I have been able to find the duotone with black wasn't offered in 1965. I have contacted and confirmed that the heritage certificate is correct. I've seen this color - albeit not very often and not in a '65. Any help appreciated!
3000 colors

Ray, I believe you have perhaps sold the car so may not be interested in the answer to your question anymore (or even visiting this site). But as the BJ8 Registrar I have documented original colors for BJ8s so far for 3,874 cars (which is very close to 22% of total production), so the color distribution documented to date can be validly extrapolated to reach a reasonable guess at the color distribution for total production. If only 18 cars out of 3,874 were in Ivory White over Black, then out of 17,712 there should have been approximately 82 (total) throughout BJ8 production. Healeys were not built by "model year" as we typically think of it in the USA, so the only valid definition of "year" when referring to a Healey is the calendar year in which it was built. Because your car was built on 26 Aug 64 I assume you mean "model year" when you refer to "1965". Either way, the following should answer your question as closely as it can be answered as of now.
26057 built 5 - 11 Feb 64
26146 built 12 - 16 Mar 64
26382 built (approx.) Mar/Apr 64
26533 built 10 - 29 Apr 64
27536 built 4 - 5 June 64
27709 built 19 - 24 June 64
28168 built 3 - 8 Dec 64
28596 built 13 - 17 Aug 64
28702 built 26 Aug 64
28733 built 2 - 15 Sep 64
29057 built 27 - 28 Sep 64
30134 built (approx.) Dec 64
30908 built 12 - 15 Feb 65
32429 built 8 - 9 Jul 65
36625 built (approx.) June 66
36801 built 16 - 17 June 66
37244 built 5 Jul 66
42399 built 4 - 6 Sep 67

The usual published authority for such details, Anders Clausager (former head of the BMIHT archives, and author of the book "Original Austin-Healey") says that Ivory White over Black duotone was discontinued in December 1966. Perhaps so in the planning documents, but as shown above at least one car built after December 1966 was painted Ivory White/Black, and probably more. Of course, Jensen Motors painted the cars and could have already painted all of them assembled (built) after that date before the color was discontinued. Using the extrapolation above, if there were 12 cars so far documented built in calendar year 1964 with the Ivory/Black paint scheme, then there should have been about 55 of them total in calendar year 1964. Remarkably, of the 18 cars I have in the registry as originally Ivory White over Black, only three of them are still painted that way.