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Convertible top

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Convertible top

Hello all!
I just bought a 3000 BT7 at auction, and knowing its buyers beware the car is great my mechanic is sorting through a few small issues. But a big problem is the top does not latch to the windshield. He's tried taking the hardware off and replacing but he just can't get it to latch, Does anybody have any suggestions?


well depends how warm is it

well depends how warm is it where you keep the car. if it's under 45 degrees F, it's hopeless. you need a warm environment to latch the top needs the ability to stretch...can't do it in cold weather!

Soft top for BT7

Does anyone know of a good instruction video or book for installing a new soft top or tonneau? Thanks!
soft top dvd

Moss has one that is supposed to be decent I believe it to be around 80.00 sometimes your local club might have one to lone