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Chassis Repair

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Chassis Repair

I am doing a frame off restoration of my MK111 and need new outriggers and somerepair to the main rails. My question is how much warping of the frame is there when mig Welding outriggers and about 1 foot of the Top of the frame rail. Reading Tech piece by Jule Enterprise it would appear any welding on the frame would cause the frameto warp and be useless. ( I realize Jule Ent. is in the business of selling Chassis' and the article may not be totally objective,

Check out subject site and scroll down to 60 BT7 resto story. Let me know if this site and Scott helps as I am also starting a restoration.

My 1967 3000MkIII is in

My 1967 3000MkIII is in desperate need of frame correction from the firewall forward; to the point where a whole front frame "clip" seems to be the only option. I'm still in the early stages of finding an old-school body/frame man who can put this Healey on a frame bench and replace this whole front section. Welding up car frames has been done as long as cars have had frames with satisfactory results, but it can't be done correctly without a bench. One might find that their frame is already "tweaked" when it is put on a bench before any welding even commences? I'll try to update this post when/if I've succeeded. Thank you Jerry for the URL: This is very helpful-and inspirational as well!