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Austin Healey BJ 8 Mark III Factory Markings

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Austin Healey BJ 8 Mark III Factory Markings

Does anyone have information regarding the factory marking associated with the assembly process and which remained on a car after final assembly.
Austin-Healey BJ8 Mark III Factory Markings

The original VIN was (in theory) stamped into the right front shock absorber mounting tower. "In theory" because many of these numbers were apparently stamped by incompetent people who could not stamp a legible number, or stamp it deeply enough that it has survived the ravages of surface corrosion and therefor is today totally or partially illegible, especially with paint on the surface.
For some cars, the VIN or chassis number has been found stamped into the passenger's side (LHD cars) floor, just in front of the seat. You have to get down to the bare metal, of course, to see it if it's there.
There was a number stamped into the fixed portion of the bonnet latch, in front of the radiator, that matched a number stamped into the driver's side (LHD cars) bonnet hinge and the bracket welded to the boot lid for the prop rod.
Chalk or grease pencil markings have been found on the inside of the driver's door and the fixed part of the driveshaft tunnel. No cross reference from these markings to the numbers on the parts mentioned above, or to the VIN/chassis number has yet come to light.
There was another number stamped into the top of the right front shock absorber mounting tower that is sometimes partially obscured by the weld bead. This number was apparently stamped by either John Thompson Motor Pressings when they built the frame, or by Jensen Motors when they assembled the chassis (exactly by whom has not been determined). This number is not useful to cross to a VIN.
Serial numbers were stamped into the rear axle on some cars, and into the gearbox on all of them.
Photographs of all such markings can be obtained if you send me an e-mail.
please send pics

thanks for the data. Very useful. Please send pics to my email:

Austin-Healey BJ8 Mark III Factory Markings