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Correct period coil for 1966 AH Bj8 MKIII

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Correct period coil for 1966 AH Bj8 MKIII

I have a 12 volt neg ground vehicle and have been using a Lucas Sport Coil DLB105 since 1989. I am looking for the correct period coil. I threw out the original coil I had several years ago. Thanks....Randy Doolittle
Correct period coil for 1966 AH BJ8 MKIII

I understand that you want a new coil identical to the original coil installed on BJ8s at the factory. According to the BMC parts manual for BJ7/BJ8, the BMC part number for the original Lucas coil was BCA 4309, but it is noted as "Not Available, use AJR 211". This coil used a washer and nut to retain the ignition wire in the coil. Kip Motor Company (Tel: (972) 243-0440) lists the BCA 4309 part number in their catalog (page 11) and says it includes the nut and washer.
If your car is 36903 that used to be owned by Emil Hansen, I have it in the registry. But I would like to update the registry ownership record if you would contact me, please.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
AHCA Delegate at Large
Havelock, NC
BJ8 coil in question

Hello Steve,
Thanks for the info on the coil. I have found in my research that the HA12 coil was on this car. I am looking for a used one that I can put in my car. I am trying to confirm that this coil is the period correct coil. I am not looking for newly made replacement. Do you have any info on the BJ8 and the HA12 Lucas Coil? I came across this HA12 Coil within the AAHC Concurs Registry. As to Emil Hansen...Emil did own my car in the 1980's. He is now deceased. I bought this car in 1989.

Thanks for your help,
Randy Doolittle
Correct period coil for 1966 AH BJ8 MKIII

Randy, the only official document that identifies the original parts and part numbers on a BJ8 is the BMC Mechanical Service Parts List AKD 3523 (and the BMC Body Service Parts List AKD 3524). BMC procured parts from many different sources to build the cars, so they put their own part number on them and that is what is in the parts list. Therefore, list does not identify the Lucas part number (or model number) HA12 for the ignition coil. That does not mean that HA12 was not original to the cars, just that I have no documentation to prove it.