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Looking for 1958-1962 big Healey

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Looking for 1958-1962 big Healey

I am looking for a 1958-1962 big Healey. Must be a clean driver with no (improperly repaired) rust or accident issues. Needs side curtains and top. Hard top OK. Prefer wire wheels. Wife prefers 4 seater because of ability to carry more luggage. Modern upgrades appreciated (negative ground, spin on filter, etc.) Wife says no black, yellow. Standard colors fine. Healey blue is a favorite. The car I am looking for would be 10+ years out of restoration. Body and chassis is most important. Mechanical issues are just nut and bolt issues. Don't want to pay for a show car that I would be reluctant to drive. I want to take road trips with it. Current budget is mid $20's to upper $30's. If you know of one, please let me know.
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Big Healy

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