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First Bj8 Wanted

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First Bj8 Wanted

Hello, I am a new member of the New England Healey club and looking to purchase my first AH 3000 through the club members. Not really interested in too big of a project but would like to have a nice driver. Some minor body and paint work ok. Prefer 65-67 models. Please call my cell at (480) 375-873 or you can email me at I live in Massachusetts. Thanks, Tony

67 bj8

just listed my ah - kind of fits your description , thanks
First BJ8 Wanted

I'm a bit late with my response, Tony, but I wanted to say as the keeper of the BJ8 Registry for the last 20 years that I have seen a LOT of BJ8s offered for sale and bought by new owners that were not what they claimed to be. There have been ample opportunities during the 50 years since they were manufactured for cars to be misidentified through lost/replaced/remanufactured/exchanged with other cars' identity plates. In many cases, the current owners/sellers don't even know about the problem. My recommendation to anyone looking to buy a BJ8 is to check with the BJ8 Registry ( before putting any money down on a car. It could save you some grief later on. The registry currently (4 July 2017) has data, records, and ownership history for more than half of the total BJ8s built (8,939 of 17,712).