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HBT7L serial number

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HBT7L serial number

I just purchased my first Austin Healey 1959 VIN HBT7L1008. I had it towed on a truck (hadn't been driven in years, and the clutch was stuck to the flywheel) to a friend's garage (he's rebuilt many antique cars, but never a Healey). He ordered the parts for a 100-6 for the repair and they wouldn't fit. When he gave the parts guy the VIN number he told my friend that my car is a 3000.
It has an Austin Healey 100-6 emblem on the grill, yet the information I have read says this is a Austin Healey 3000 MKI.
What gives?
HBT7L Serial number

David, I haven't done any research on how many cars were built each year but my '61 3000 MK11 has a serial number of HBT7L 13968 so if 12000 cars were built in 59, 60, 61 then your number could be for a 3000. MY '57 100-6 shows a serial number of BN4-L/31184. Hope you get more definitive answers from other "site lurkers".
Slim Wheatley
HBT7L Serial number

100-Sixes were BN4s and BN6s, built from May 1956 to March 1959 (first BN6 was built in March 1958).
The VIN indicates your car is a BT7 (i.e., a 3000 Mk I), and is low enough that it could have been built prior to July 1959. The BT7 Mk I was built March 1959 to January 1961.
A photo on page 67 of Anders Clausager's book "Original Austin-Healey" shows a grille with the "100-6" flash and is identified as of a 3000 Mk I. I do not know if such badges were typical for 3000 Mk 1s, but the factory was rather casual about such things. Your car may have been built before the "new" 3000 flashes were installed in the grilles.

Be aware that the "year" of a Healey has no significance and can be misleading (as in your case), UNLESS it is referring to the actual calendar year that it was built. "Model Year" registrations in the USA can be different from the calendar year of manufacture.
I went thought that a year

I went thought that a year or two ago. I did not have a serial number. My tag was missing. I thought I had a 100 -6.
my horn button and grill said 100-6, no where on the car did it say 3000,. Those were the early 3000's. when I finally found a number by the front shock and sent that to the Heritage people that confirmed I had a 3000. Nothing on the car says 3000. If you go back and read the lengthly threads you can read all about it. Was on this forum, 100 6 forum,, or the the British car forum, So I had a BN7, not a BN6.

Read these and you can ask me more if you like. OThers know much more about this than me.
Your BN7 has a number on the shock tower?

fschreib0: I'm interested in more information about the number on your shock tower that you sent to BMIHT and they confirmed you have a 3000. To my knowledge, the only model Healey that had the original VIN stamped into the shock tower was the BJ8. Where exactly was the number on your car?

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC