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Horn & turn signal lever turn independent from the steering wheel. Is that normal?

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Horn & turn signal lever turn independent from the steering wheel. Is that normal?

I recently acquired a '67 Austen Healey 3000 mkIII. The horn & turn signal lever turn independently from the steering wheel. Is that normal? If not, how do I fix that?
I've just purchased a 1967

I've just purchased a 1967 Austen Healey 3000 MK lll and have discovered that the horn/turn signal rotate independently from the steering wheel. I pulled out the horn and top stator tube and I see the dimples and a slot at the end of it for engaging a lower/longer tube I assume? Does that mean that the slot on the long tube is damaged? How can it be removed? I've already tightened the "Olive" as far as it will go. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated. I'm at a loss.
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John F.
Horn/turn signal unit turns with the steering wheel

The horn/turn signal unit (sometimes called the "trafficator") has a short metal tube attached to it that fits over the longer metal tube ("stator tube") that runs down the inside of the steering column. The stator tube is locked to the front end of the steering box by an "olive" compression fitting and nut, so it does not turn. The trafficator tube has four "dimples" in it near its forward end. The tube fits over the stator tube, which has a slot in its aft end that the dimples fit into. The dimples in the slot "lock" the trafficator tube to the stator tube and prevent the trafficator from turning with the steering wheel. The slot in the stator tube can easily be damaged by forcing the trafficator to turn (for whatever reason someone would want to try), or stress cracks can form in the forward corners of the slot. Continued stress on the stator tube can allow a side of the slot to be broken out, so there no longer is a way to hold the trafficator from turning. This would require replacing the stator tube to fix the problem.
The long stator tube can be replaced by removing the nut and olive, then the forward end plate of the steering box (have a container to catch any oil draining out), remove the trafficator and wiring, and separate the stator tube from the wiring. Thread the trafficator wires through the new stator tube, and installation is a reversal of removal.