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Paint codes?

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Paint codes?

I've heard the adage that you should never park two Healey Blue cars next to each other because the paint is always different. Having said that, is there a definitive source for getting the paint codes for the "official" Healey Blue color? What I had left on my BT7 was so faded and weather worn it would be useless for a match. Also I'm looking for the Austin/BMC engine green if anyone has any pointers on how to source that.

Thanks in advance!

Paint codes?

Problem is this: the original supplier was either ICI or Dockers and their codes are long gone based on the type of paint used. The American equivalent would have been either Ditzler or DuPont; DuPont's paint in those days was an enamel called Dulux that is no longer made. There was a DuPont crossover point with it's newer (later 60's to early 80's) would have been Centari, but that's no longer made! The best you can do is get a sample from an existing Healey with the color scheme you want and get it matched by computer at your local paint store. Problem is that today's paint is very toxic and requires special handling; have your professional painter get the paint. Many places require special licensing and is NOT a home user friendly paint. Most are finishes that require coats of color with a finish in clear coat.