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Rear Drum Brake Re-build - Drums not fitting back on!

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Rear Drum Brake Re-build - Drums not fitting back on!

I am fully restoring a 67 BJ8 and having difficulty with the rear brake drums going back on. Installed new Moss brake shoes, new cylinders and cleaned and restored the existing adjusters as well as re-surfaced the original drums. I have the wheel cylinder piston fully compressed and the adjusters are fully closed. Emergency brake cable is fully disconnected from the lever at the wheel cylinder and no brake lines on the car yet so there is no hydraulic pressure on the wheel cylinder.

I can just fit the drum over the shoes slightly, hub bolts line with the drum bolt holes so I believe things are centered properly but the drums will not go on unless I really hammer it in. The drum will certainly not spin by hand force for any adjustment. It is my understanding that the drum should be able to spin for final adjustment using the adjuster screw but there is no way it will spin.

I have checked the new Moss shoe dimensions against the old ones and they are a perfect match except a little more pad depth. I checked the new wheel cylinder dimensions against the old and it is a perfect match.

Anyone experience this before? Appreciate an suggestions??

brakes not fitting

sounds like new shoes are not properly seated, put your old brake shoes back on, you know they fit, and see if drum will spin freely.