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skid plate; BN7 - 1960

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skid plate; BN7 - 1960

recently purchased 1960 mk1; 3000. Notice the oil pan with some nice dings. thinking of putting a skip plate on bottom to protect it from further abuse. Any thoughts, ideas on this subject ?


Skid plate

One major problem with all Big Healey oil pans is they sit proud of the chassis members...they stick out almost a full inch below the chassis members with the oil plug exposed sitting lower than the pan. Several choices, all have their issues. One is to build your own skid plate from 14awg steel but you'll need to weld tabs to mount the plate and make access to the oil filter and oil pan plug difficult without good planning and design. You could get a Denis Welsh Motorsport's alloy oil pan which doesn't stick out below the frame but it is costly and holds one quart less of motor oil. The alloy oil pan sold by Moss Motors sticks out like the original pan and could crack if hit (I have one I got back 10 years ago) but not sure of the current product (call Moss for details). AH Spares also sells an alloy pan, but I don't know much about it or seen one. Make sure your shocks are up to par and make sure your tires are of the same outer diameter as the original tire as fitted from the factory (most 165R15 modern tires tend to be the correct diameter but you could fit 175 or 185 but may have inner wheel well clearance issues).

thank you for the reply and input, it was very helpful.
I am thinking of tire replacement anyway, so will look at 175 / 185 .
thanks again.