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Spectacular '61 Healey BN7 2 seater for sale

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Spectacular '61 Healey BN7 2 seater for sale

VIN HBN7L10966. Red/red; sought after/rare two seater in gorgeous condition. Looks like a new car...Flawless body/gaps, like new interior. have side curtains and top. Proper 60 spoke silver painted triple laced wire wheels (leave the chrome 72's for the Jag crowd!). Completely original, including the two 6V batteries (I'm a purist). I have owned this car for 15 years.... it is stored in a heated/air conditioned garage, only driven in summer. Has never been in the rain since I've had it (and obviously never driven on salted roads...). Will deliver in enclosed trailer within 300 miles for free. Car can be seen in Princeton, MA

61 Healey BN7 2 Seater for sale

Hello Don
Is this a MK11 centre shift car?
If yes please send photos and your asking price.
Alister Rayner

Hi Alister, This is a "pre

Hi Alister, This is a "pre-Mark II" (since no car was ever labeled a "Mark I"). It is a side shift, overdrive car that I bought sight unseen, after seeing many pictures of it living in a hangar in Salt Lake, living with its owners Gulfstream G4 and 63 Corvette split window coupe. I have enjoyed it for 14 years having minor (but sometimes difficult) work done like perfecting the door gaps/fit. I am asking $75K, thanks for your interest.

Sorry for the delayed response, I didn't know I had to check back into the Healey site to see replies! Don

ps.... I didn't know how to

ps.... I didn't know how to add pictures to this reply, so if you would like some, please e-mail me and I'll send them right out!
61 Healey BN7

Is this a numbers matching car without restoration. Please send photos if so. Thanks John Fell

Hi John, I have had the car

Hi John, I have had the car for over 14 years, and have done only minor things during my stewardship (have the door gaps/fit improved). I assume it has been restored at some point, and I don't know the condition before that, but I bought it from a seller that had it parked in a hangar next to his Gulfstream 4, and it is in very nice condition. I don't know about matching numbers, but the engine number is 29D/RU/H19072. ( As an aside, I had a red/red BN7 in 1961 with engine number 29D/RU/H1840.... the reason I searched for years for this car). Another aside... I saw a BN7 at the Santa Fe Concorso a few years ago that had 1700 original miles, bought from the estate of a rancher's wife in Wyoming who bought it new in the UK that still had its original "tyres" and probably still had British air in them!

Thanks for your interest. If you would like to see photos, please e-mail me. Don
61 Healey BN7

Don, I wanted to buy a Healey in 1968 when I graduated from college however was deterred by British Leyland and settled for a black on red '68 MGB ! At this point I am focusing on BN7s and value originality of finish, engine, body. I joined the AH Club for educational reasons and help in locating the perfect car. If you could send a few photos I would appreciate it. Thank you. John Fell Manitowoc Wisconsin

Can you send price and pix?

Hi, Don. Would you please

Hi, Don. Would you please send pictures and your current asking price. Thanks.