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Starting a 67 Healey 3000

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Starting a 67 Healey 3000

Just did valve job and new rings in a 67 3000. Ridge reamed and honed cylinders. Made sure pistons all went in correctly and ring gap was correct. Engine turns over great without spark plugs. Once plugs are installed engine will turn one rev seeming to want to start and then turns like battery is almost dead. Battery is new and all connections tight. The engine seems to be seizing but it isn't. If I try to turn by hand , with large wrench it turns very , very hard. Once I rock it back and forth a few degrees it turns over fine. Without plugs it turns over great! Once put plugs back in it seems to lock up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cylinder walls were well lubricated before putting in pistons and there is no liquid in cylinders when I pull out plugs! The timing chain was not disturbed and valves are all operating properly.

Hard starting

it sounds like you have a problem down at the connecting rod bearings. How is the oil pressure when cranking without plugs?
I believe you have a rubbing problem in the crankcase area.
Starting a 67 Healey 3000 -

Ever resolve this??

Bill Bagwell, Orlando FL