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Starting restoration

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Starting restoration

Starting restoration of a 1960 AH3000. Would appreciate any comments from anyone that's been through the process especially things they wish they had done differently.
starting restoration

As you dismantle, bag and label everything. Organization of stored parts is critical, make a special place for them or you will find yourself buying replacement parts just because you can't find the ones you took off the car. E-mail me if you have specific questions, I'm just finishing a '61 MK11 tricarb, am retired and have time to answer you. Good luck.
Ken Wheatley
BT7 restoration

you can't take too many photos, as things are now and as you disassemble. I'm in the middle of the restoration of a 60 BT7 and wish I'd taken more pictures as I begin the reassembly process. Good luck - Steve Detra