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What to do with old gas tank

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What to do with old gas tank

I have a gas tank from a 59-60 3000. i figure its original. I installed a new replacement Moss tank.

Question is whether I should trash old one or would it be of value to some. I put in the British Car Forum clasiffied and got no responses. I hate to trash and original tank, not in real bad shape on outside. Had a lot of rust on inside. Line is plugged. A dent that I think would be easily removed.

But it did not leak.
Gas Tank

They can be restored if they are rusted even if they are rusted through with pin holes. However, if the rust is heavy, lots of pits with or with out pin holes, I do not think it is safe. The tank will have lost it's integrity.
My suggestion is to take it to a junk yard. They will put it into the back seat of a car that is going to a compactor or a shredder. I would not put it into the metal recycle container at your local recycle drop off.
If the tank has light rust and it's dry you can put about one quart of 50% solution Phosphoric acid in the tank. Tape up all the in-lets and out-lets and flip the tank over and over in all directions until all surfaces are wet. Pore out the access and let the tank set for a few days until dry.
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